Hypnotherapy For Spending Addiction


Quitting any kind of addiction alone, can be quite difficult. Although there might not be an actual physical dependency to spending money, spending addictions can also be extremely difficult to overcome. Unlike drugs, alcohol, and gambling, spending money is something that we can’t actually quit. It is something that we must do every single day in order to survive in the world.

 Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Spending addictions are a ‘process addiction’. An addiction to a certain behaviour, habit, or (you guessed it) process. Again, unlike drugs, alcohol and gambling, this is not something that we quit, it is more of a relationship that we work on repairing.


• Change unconscious driver beliefs held around addiction using powerful NLP and bespoke Hypnotherapy
• Manage and eradicate cravings using cutting-edge Cognitive Hypnotherapy 
• Life after recovery coaching
• Create a powerful shift in awareness focussed on a life free from addiction
• All Hypnotherapy audios included