Hypnotherapy For Cannabis Addiction


Are you tired of paying through the nose for a habit that is giving you nothing in return? Maybe you are a smoker who feels like you need to quit because of a negative psychological impact. Do you feel like you are being held back by cannabis and not reaching your full potential? I can help you. 


• Change unconscious driver beliefs held around addiction using powerful NLP and bespoke Hypnotherapy
• Manage cravings using positive psychology
• Life after recovery coaching
• Create a powerful shift in awareness focussed on a life free from addiction
• Personalised Hypnotherapy audios included


I know through personal experience that quitting cannabis using nothing but will power can be a very difficult process. Almost traumatic. The mood swings, the insomnia, the physical cravings. You can only understand it, if you have lived it. It can feel unbearable. Giving up your little friend, your relaxant, your sleeping aid, your only vice… Most people just give in and accept cannabis as a part of their identity and go the rest of their lives paying a weekly subscription to their dealer.


As a 17 year ex-smoker, I am telling you, it doesn’t need to be like that.


With my experience of being an ex-smoker who really struggled to quit, and with my training and experience as a cognitive hypnotherapist, I have created a treatment programme which not only makes the process seem easy, it makes it enjoyable and empowering.

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