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I know from experience that taking the first step towards change, can sometimes be the hardest one. Well, it might surprise you to know that this isn’t actually the first step. You already took that one when you identified that something wasn’t right. Congratulations, you are already on step two!
By taking these two steps, you have already began change, and might have begun your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is such a powerful modal of therapy, and has an incredible success rate. It is a bespoke, and tailored approach designed to suit each clients own model of the world, hence, It is a journey which I still have not seen anyone leave without benefiting from. 

My journey from recovery, to addiction hypnotherapist and recovery coach

My own recovery from addiction was not just about stopping my addictive behaviours, and carrying on as “normal”. Having felt such highs, and having seen the depths of the lows created by them, “normal”, was just below the line of being content for me, and sobriety was not sustainable there.

It was through Cognitive Hypnotherapy when I realised that my addiction was (or eventually became) a surface layer of some deeper issues, which were disconnection from myself, and an absence of purpose. Cognitive Hypnotherapy was the difference, that made all the difference in my overcoming addiction.

Just how the word ‘addiction’ is made up of different letters, my addiction was also made up of different parts; the psychological addiction, the physiological addiction, the triggers, my environment, my relationship to myself and to others, and my (lack of) higher purpose. It is through dealing with these parts individually, that gave me a better understanding of why I was “doing” my addiction, why I didn’t need it anymore, and what I would like my life to look and feel like after.

Recovery from addiction through Cognitive Hypnotherapy, had empowered me in ways that I didn’t even know were possible, and has unlocked doors into myself, and outside myself, that I didn’t even know were there.

I was lucky enough to train in one of the best schools out there, and under one of the greatest teachers I could have ever hoped for. The Quest Institute, and Cognitive Hypnotherapy, were founded by Trevor Silvester, a pioneer, a thought leader, and 25 year veteran in the field of Therapy and personal development.

My Freedom From Addiction Program

Helping people free themselves from addiction is a personal passion for me. It was actually by witnessing a dear friend of mine clear a heavy, twenty-year-old addiction, through seeing a brilliant Cognitive Hypnotherapist (Hugh Osborne), which made me pursue a career in Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Witnessing this almost effortless freedom from a twenty-year-old addiction was enough for me, I had to join the fight. I was even lucky enough to do some training under Hugh Osborne, learning his powerful techniques and becoming certified in his method.
What we aim to achieve as Cognitive Hypnotherapist’s, is to help you (the client) quit because you choose to quit, and live the rest of your life without the shackles of ‘cravings’. No matter what is going on in your life, what day of the week it is, or who you just bumped into.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy aims to do just that, and have you even enjoy, and GROW through the process.
So many of my clients complete my freedom from addiction programme, not only, unshackled from those cravings, but even with a deeper understanding of themselves. This means that they know exactly which direction to walk in, once they leave my office.