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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is DeniZ Mehmet and I am a cognitive hypnotherapist with a particular passion for working with people who are stuck in addiction.

I myself have been through the process of recovering myself from addiction hence, I have a fair understanding of how to best utilise the Cognitive Hypnotherapy model to give you the best chance of not only quitting a substance or behaviour, but to also become very clear on who you are without addiction and who you want to walk towards becoming.

I believe that there is huge potential at the intersection of addiction recovery and I prove this to myself and my clients time after time. Life after addiction can be extremely enlightening and profound and it deserves to be experienced. Dont just survive recovery, thrive through it.

As addicts, we tend to lose or forget ourselves along the way and amidst all the conditioning that comes with becoming an addict it’s easy to forget who we once were and what we stood for. By removing or processing all of that rubble, what you can experience as a result can be really quite amazing. Sometimes we reunite with ourselves, rediscover ourselves, forgive and accept ourselves, sometimes people even find god.

What might you find? It’s worth pondering.

Does Addiction Hypnotherapy have to be so intense?

No, not really, but why shouldn’t it be? As you are here, I’m guessing you have probably exhausted every other avenue and not found the freedom that you want so much. Maybe this is the journey that you need to take. Maybe rather than the usual being told how to quit, you might benefit much more by first understanding why you got here and why you are stuck. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is perfect for this because it has a perfect balance of therapy, life coaching, neuroscience-based approaches, it’s a proven method through research and even has a healthy amount of woowoo.

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“The problem in life starts when you think you have to add something to the present moment to improve it.” Steve Chandler


So many people try to quit their addictions and end up living in misery because of cravings and urges. Always in a balancing act on the edge of success or misery. This tends to happen as a result of trying to quit the ‘behaviour’ without first understanding it. It’s like putting a sticking plaster over a pain in your chest. It is not the way.

There are unconscious, neurological processes that drive our addictive behaviours. These processes are motivated/aggravated by unconscious beliefs, feelings and environmental factors. Although my work is totally bespoke and there is no set method – finding these outdated and unhelpful motivations/aggravations and removing them, is the general direction we will be going in. Once removed, we can create a mind-set that is more focussed on what you truly want for yourself. 

Addiction hypnotherapy & recovery coaching is more of a journey, than a process. A journey that I myself am still enjoying today. This gives me a deeper understanding of how to best utilise the Cognitive Hypnotherapy model, within my work. 

Addiction hypnotherapy & recovery coaching is a very personal journey. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the perfect choice due to its tailored approach. Sessions can be quite intense so, rapport between client and therapist is quite important for the process. If you are thinking about getting help for an addiction, then lets talk.

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Working wit me & Prices

Finding the right therapist or coach is always going to be a key part of the recovery journey. I like to have a brief consultation first, to see if we are a good fit for each other. These consultations are free of charge, and can be done in my practice, over the phone, or skype.

Within the Cognitive Hypnotherapy model, there is no set ‘way’ or ‘method’ of working. Everyone is an individual, and my approach is based around that individuality.

I want my addiction recovery programme to be accessible to everyone. In order to be able to achieve this, I have chosen a ‘sliding-scale’ approach to charging.  The prices below are my standard prices, which work out to £180 per session,. They can fall to as low as £130 per session according to your income, your situation, and length of programme. Contact me for more information on this.


5-6 week programme £540.00. This includes three face to face sessions, some online work, and telephone contact between sessions.

12-14 week programme £1080.00.   This includes 6 face to face sessions, some online work, and telephone contact between sessions. There will also be some powerful coaching work, to get you to the next level of who you can be.

14 weeks + £130.00 per session

Is Cognitive Hypnotherapy for me?

Absolutely. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is for anyone who can imagine a better life for themselves.

I am always asked by people “what will you do for me?” Or “How will you do it?” I am always tempted to just say “I am going to create miracles in your life!” However, sometimes people want a bit more information than that. The short answer is I don’t really know yet. With Addiction Hypnotherapy & Recovery Coaching, there are so many things that we can do, for any given problem. I just couldn’t know which one would be most effective for you, until we get started. That’s how I work. It’s called ‘Flow’, and that’s what we do together. We ‘Flow’ in and out of your subconscious, to create miracles. It’s a journey of self-discovery, which makes it all the more powerful. It’s almost like reuniting with yourself, and starting from there.

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What makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy so effective?

Above all, I understand that you are an individual. You perceive the world around you in your own personal, and unique way. Even though your problem might have the same label as somebody else’s, this doesn’t mean that you experience it in the exact same way. Or for the exact same reasons. Through exploring your ‘unique experience’ first, we will reach the core of your problems with much more efficiency. An approach that will tackle your experience of the problem, and within your own model of the world. You are the method, and you are the outcome. To find out more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy Click Here

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